Saturday, 19 October 2013

A few useful tips

Every now and then when you are cleaning your car you come across things that drive you mad and wish you could avoid next time you clean.

Tar is a real pain and can take some heavy duty chemicals to remove.  Next time you are cleaning the car try wiping a little mayonnaise on the tar and leaving it for 5 or so minutes then wiping it off with  a clean cloth.I have seen this work!  Mind you it probably does not say much for what is in mayonnaise!

Brake Dust
Every time you brake you get a fine layer of dust on your wheels each time.  Next time you have cleaned the wheels on your car try spraying   little cooking oil on the rims. This should make cleaning the rims next time a whole lot easier. You could also try cleaning the rims with baby oli - I am told this works as well - just do not use too much.

Old Stickers
Is it about time you got those old "ban the bomb" stickers off your bumpers?  Try soaking them in vinegar for about 15 minutes then use either a plastic razor blade (available from car detailing shops) or an old credit card to scrap off the sticker.  Use vinegar to get rid of any excess glue.

Dirty Wipers
While we are talking about vinegar - use some white vinegar to wipe down your wiper blades. This will often get rid of any dirt and save you having to replace them.

Clean your windows using balled up newspaper.  This is an old home cleaning tip and lets you clean the windows without streaking.

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