Sunday, 15 June 2014


The temperature is rising and it is a great time to give your car a nice bath. Your car had already accumulated a lot of dirt from road trips and other activities. If you don’t want to spend some money on your car wash, then here are some simple steps through which you can easily save your money, can give your car a nice bath and can also give your car a new look.
1.       First park your car on your lawn in the shade before applying the water. This also helps in preventing the formation of water spots.
2.    Clean those sections which have been dried on road tar as well as bugs with the help of a formulated cleaner such as tar remover and turtle wax bug for these types of messes.
3.   Wash your car with an automobile cleaner and then spray down with some cool water. Household cleaners such as hand dish soap should never be used for washing cars. Products such as these need really hot water to cut through road tar, grease and grime and these products will strip wax from your car.
4.   Cloth should be rinsed well before you clean the next part of your vehicle. It will prevent your car from getting scratched by dirt which was accumulated before.
5.      After all these steps, give your car a final rinse and it should be dried completely with a clean cloth.
If it still looks like a hard work to you or one wants to save his/her important time, then you should visit and we will make it easier as well as efficient for you.

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