Thursday, 3 July 2014



Season of washing cars is coming. You should not settle for just hosing off your car in a driveway. Spruce up your vehicle with good and clean polish. We have some excellent top tips which are currently used by some enthusiasts and detailing professionals to create automotive masterpieces that will make your vehicle looks like a brand new and will also make the job a bit easier.

·        One should always start from the top and work your way down to the bottom while cleaning your vehicle otherwise the dirty water will just drop down on those areas which you have just cleaned.

·        Using a regular cloth for cleaning your car is almost fine but investing in a good micro fibre cloth will give you the best results because they pick up articles such as grime and dust much more effectively and they are also ultra absorbant as compared to a normal piece of cloth.

·        Run your finger or hand along the surface of your vehicle after cleaning and completely drying your car. There will be some contaminants bonded to the surface of your car if you feel a layer of dust or residue under your finger or hand. One should use a clay bar because it is a highly effective as well as efficient way to remove this layer of residue or dust from the surface of your vehicle and it is also used by the professionals to achieve a finish like in the showrooms.

·        Car wax should be applied regularly to your vehicle’s body after cleaning because it will help in the formation of a layer which will further help in maintain the good condition of a paint.

·        Interior of your vehicle should not be neglected. One should do some car upholstery cleaner work wonders and a quick once over with a car hoover.

·        In the end, pop a pack of car cleaning wipes into the glove compartment so one can have them handy for last minute cleaning jobs or some spillages. Always dry the vehicle with some fresh towels. Every so often, always touch up as well as protect the clean car.

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