Saturday, 25 May 2013

Winter car cleaning

Looks like winter if really here - with the rain and the cold.  So now is  a great time to have  a look at a few things around the car in terms of cleaning to make sure it is at it's best through winter.
  1. If you haven't already done so now is  a good time to thoroughly clean the outsid eof the car and give it a good wax.  The wax will help to protect the paint against the dirt thrown up off wet roads.  Also look carefully at all the joins and corners around the body. This is often where dirt builds up and mold grows. Use a tooth brush or  a denture brush to get into these areas and remove all debris.
  2. Clean all the window thoroughly and make sure the windscreen washer is topped up with a good quality detergent. At the same time look at the wiper blades - get them changed if there is any wear.  You are going to be driving in rain with other cars throwing up dirt onto your windscreen - you need to be able to get rid of this quickly.
  3. Check the seals around doors and boot.  Give them a good clean and make sure they are seated properly.  This is where the water can get in and often the first indicator you will get is a musty smell in the car. It ids really easy for boot seals to the knocked out of the way when you are loading something into the boot and you will not necessarily notice....until you see the water.
There you have 3 simple things to look at.

If the paint looks a bit weather beaten you may need to do a cut & polish or get someone like to come in and do a full machine cut and polish.

Enjoy your winter motoring.