Thursday, 19 September 2013

Spring is sprung

Spring is well and truly upon us so now is a great time to think of giving your car a spring clean.

This is a bit like spring cleaning your home - the idea is to get rid of any clutter that has built up over winter but also a good time to set the car up for summer and care free motoring.

Here are a few areas you could be looking at over the next few weeks:

The boot.
Clear out any rubbish. Check your spare tyre and make sure it has plenty of tread and is properly inflated.  Vacuum then wash the carpets/mats. Wipe down sides and anywhere dust has built up.

Think about putting a bag of sand in the boot - this can give you a bit more traction but could also be useful if you ever get stuck.

Also check the space under the spare tire for water. If the seals are letting water in now is a good time to find out.  Get rid of the water and check the seals. Often the problem is that the seals are not properly seated.  If they are damaged replace them.  Clean around the seals and the metal around them

Inside the car.
Clear out the rubbish.  Be brutal - if you do not need it in the car wither through it out or put it in the garage.  If you have  afew things you like to carry around think of putting plastic storage box in the boot - this is a great way of keeping the car tidy and all the bits & pieces in one place.

Wipe down all the inside surfaces getting rid of any dirt & dust.  Then vacuum the whole of the interior starting from the top (be careful of the hood lining - sometimes it is better to just brush this.

Dress dash and any plastic but do not do pedals or outside of steering wheel.

Clean and polish the inside windows, mirrors and displays.


Thoroughly wash & dry the car paying special attention to all the crevices and corners.  use a toothbrush to get rid of dirt in these areas.

Hand wax the outside.

Polish windows

Make sure you also clean door wells and check all seals when you do so. Keeping these clean and clear of grit goes a long way to ensuring they work well and last.

Check your tires - make sure there is plenty of tread and check pressure.  Check for nicks and cuts in the tire walls.  Rotate your tires making sure you include the spare tyre in the rotation.

All sound like too much trouble?  Then call us at SelectValet and get us to come in and do an executive clean.  The car will get thoroughly cleaned all at once and will look fantastic.

Enjoy the fine weather....when it eventually gets here!

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