Thursday, 3 July 2014



Season of washing cars is coming. You should not settle for just hosing off your car in a driveway. Spruce up your vehicle with good and clean polish. We have some excellent top tips which are currently used by some enthusiasts and detailing professionals to create automotive masterpieces that will make your vehicle looks like a brand new and will also make the job a bit easier.

·        One should always start from the top and work your way down to the bottom while cleaning your vehicle otherwise the dirty water will just drop down on those areas which you have just cleaned.

·        Using a regular cloth for cleaning your car is almost fine but investing in a good micro fibre cloth will give you the best results because they pick up articles such as grime and dust much more effectively and they are also ultra absorbant as compared to a normal piece of cloth.

·        Run your finger or hand along the surface of your vehicle after cleaning and completely drying your car. There will be some contaminants bonded to the surface of your car if you feel a layer of dust or residue under your finger or hand. One should use a clay bar because it is a highly effective as well as efficient way to remove this layer of residue or dust from the surface of your vehicle and it is also used by the professionals to achieve a finish like in the showrooms.

·        Car wax should be applied regularly to your vehicle’s body after cleaning because it will help in the formation of a layer which will further help in maintain the good condition of a paint.

·        Interior of your vehicle should not be neglected. One should do some car upholstery cleaner work wonders and a quick once over with a car hoover.

·        In the end, pop a pack of car cleaning wipes into the glove compartment so one can have them handy for last minute cleaning jobs or some spillages. Always dry the vehicle with some fresh towels. Every so often, always touch up as well as protect the clean car.

Our main aim is to provide you with the best products as well as the information of your vehicle all in one place. Please visit for some more useful tips in car grooming as well as for any other kind of information regarding your vehicle.

Sunday, 22 June 2014



Washing your car yourself can be very satisfying as well as relaxing despite from the activity that the kids can help you with or from the other concerns of your life. The only things you need are some rags, soap as well as a bucket and some amount of water.

Here are some useful steps which are very easy to follow in washing a car by hand:

·        Always park the car out of direct sunlight because it prevents the premature drying which can also leave some splotches on the paint of the car. Set each and everything near your car which will later help you in the washing of a car.

·        Fill the bucket with some water and then add some car wash soap in the quantity needed by you or as directed on the bottle. Fill another bucket with some plain water.

·        Retract the antennas and ensure that all the windows are closed before washing the car. Hose off the car to soften as well as loosen the dirt but don’t use a strong pressure of water because this can scratch and rub grit over the paint.

·        Always try to aim the pressure of water downwards on each and every surface because aiming the pressure of water in the upward direction around windows may cause water to dribble inside the car if and only if the rubber seals contain some flaws.
·        Pull the windshield wipers away from the windshield or away from the glass until they are clicked into their proper position. Then soak a large sponge or wash mitt in the soapy water and start applying it to the car but don’t ever use a brush on the body of a car as this will leave some little scratches.

·        Wash the car starting from the top and section by section, also wash lower areas of the car with each round by circling around the car several times. Frequently remove the dirt out of the sponge or the wash mitt in the bucket with some plain water.

·        You do not want the car wash soap to dry on the paint and stain it after some time, so after a single section is washed always rinse it with some water pressure before moving on to some other section of your vehicle. Keep the entire vehicle wet as you progress, as this will prevent the droplets from drying on the paint and leaving some water spots.

·        The dirtiest as well as the grittiest part of the vehicle is the lower body and the wheels, so it is a good idea to clean them in the last. Always dry the vehicle with some fresh towels. Every so often, always touch up as well as protect the clean car.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014


The temperature is rising and it is a great time to give your car a nice bath. Your car had already accumulated a lot of dirt from road trips and other activities. If you don’t want to spend some money on your car wash, then here are some simple steps through which you can easily save your money, can give your car a nice bath and can also give your car a new look.
1.       First park your car on your lawn in the shade before applying the water. This also helps in preventing the formation of water spots.
2.    Clean those sections which have been dried on road tar as well as bugs with the help of a formulated cleaner such as tar remover and turtle wax bug for these types of messes.
3.   Wash your car with an automobile cleaner and then spray down with some cool water. Household cleaners such as hand dish soap should never be used for washing cars. Products such as these need really hot water to cut through road tar, grease and grime and these products will strip wax from your car.
4.   Cloth should be rinsed well before you clean the next part of your vehicle. It will prevent your car from getting scratched by dirt which was accumulated before.
5.      After all these steps, give your car a final rinse and it should be dried completely with a clean cloth.
If it still looks like a hard work to you or one wants to save his/her important time, then you should visit and we will make it easier as well as efficient for you.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

A few useful tips

Every now and then when you are cleaning your car you come across things that drive you mad and wish you could avoid next time you clean.

Tar is a real pain and can take some heavy duty chemicals to remove.  Next time you are cleaning the car try wiping a little mayonnaise on the tar and leaving it for 5 or so minutes then wiping it off with  a clean cloth.I have seen this work!  Mind you it probably does not say much for what is in mayonnaise!

Brake Dust
Every time you brake you get a fine layer of dust on your wheels each time.  Next time you have cleaned the wheels on your car try spraying   little cooking oil on the rims. This should make cleaning the rims next time a whole lot easier. You could also try cleaning the rims with baby oli - I am told this works as well - just do not use too much.

Old Stickers
Is it about time you got those old "ban the bomb" stickers off your bumpers?  Try soaking them in vinegar for about 15 minutes then use either a plastic razor blade (available from car detailing shops) or an old credit card to scrap off the sticker.  Use vinegar to get rid of any excess glue.

Dirty Wipers
While we are talking about vinegar - use some white vinegar to wipe down your wiper blades. This will often get rid of any dirt and save you having to replace them.

Clean your windows using balled up newspaper.  This is an old home cleaning tip and lets you clean the windows without streaking.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Spring is sprung

Spring is well and truly upon us so now is a great time to think of giving your car a spring clean.

This is a bit like spring cleaning your home - the idea is to get rid of any clutter that has built up over winter but also a good time to set the car up for summer and care free motoring.

Here are a few areas you could be looking at over the next few weeks:

The boot.
Clear out any rubbish. Check your spare tyre and make sure it has plenty of tread and is properly inflated.  Vacuum then wash the carpets/mats. Wipe down sides and anywhere dust has built up.

Think about putting a bag of sand in the boot - this can give you a bit more traction but could also be useful if you ever get stuck.

Also check the space under the spare tire for water. If the seals are letting water in now is a good time to find out.  Get rid of the water and check the seals. Often the problem is that the seals are not properly seated.  If they are damaged replace them.  Clean around the seals and the metal around them

Inside the car.
Clear out the rubbish.  Be brutal - if you do not need it in the car wither through it out or put it in the garage.  If you have  afew things you like to carry around think of putting plastic storage box in the boot - this is a great way of keeping the car tidy and all the bits & pieces in one place.

Wipe down all the inside surfaces getting rid of any dirt & dust.  Then vacuum the whole of the interior starting from the top (be careful of the hood lining - sometimes it is better to just brush this.

Dress dash and any plastic but do not do pedals or outside of steering wheel.

Clean and polish the inside windows, mirrors and displays.


Thoroughly wash & dry the car paying special attention to all the crevices and corners.  use a toothbrush to get rid of dirt in these areas.

Hand wax the outside.

Polish windows

Make sure you also clean door wells and check all seals when you do so. Keeping these clean and clear of grit goes a long way to ensuring they work well and last.

Check your tires - make sure there is plenty of tread and check pressure.  Check for nicks and cuts in the tire walls.  Rotate your tires making sure you include the spare tyre in the rotation.

All sound like too much trouble?  Then call us at SelectValet and get us to come in and do an executive clean.  The car will get thoroughly cleaned all at once and will look fantastic.

Enjoy the fine weather....when it eventually gets here!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Winter car cleaning

Looks like winter if really here - with the rain and the cold.  So now is  a great time to have  a look at a few things around the car in terms of cleaning to make sure it is at it's best through winter.
  1. If you haven't already done so now is  a good time to thoroughly clean the outsid eof the car and give it a good wax.  The wax will help to protect the paint against the dirt thrown up off wet roads.  Also look carefully at all the joins and corners around the body. This is often where dirt builds up and mold grows. Use a tooth brush or  a denture brush to get into these areas and remove all debris.
  2. Clean all the window thoroughly and make sure the windscreen washer is topped up with a good quality detergent. At the same time look at the wiper blades - get them changed if there is any wear.  You are going to be driving in rain with other cars throwing up dirt onto your windscreen - you need to be able to get rid of this quickly.
  3. Check the seals around doors and boot.  Give them a good clean and make sure they are seated properly.  This is where the water can get in and often the first indicator you will get is a musty smell in the car. It ids really easy for boot seals to the knocked out of the way when you are loading something into the boot and you will not necessarily notice....until you see the water.
There you have 3 simple things to look at.

If the paint looks a bit weather beaten you may need to do a cut & polish or get someone like to come in and do a full machine cut and polish.

Enjoy your winter motoring.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Mobile car grooming

Welcome to the SelectValet blog.

Our business is based on a mobile waterless car cleaning system we use to clean vehicles wherever they are - we bring everything with us from power to cloths.  What's more, we can clean your vehicle without anything touching the ground.

That's us - have  a look at our website if you want to look at booking  a job -

However this blog is going to be aimed at how you can keep you vehicle in the best possible shape. We will pass on some tips to cleaning and for maintaining your vehicle.  We will also cover some of the problems we come across  -from spilled milk to broken glass.

As an overall comment we suggest that you clean your vehicle on a regular basis.  Modern paint systems are best kept clean and driving  a clean vehicle can lift your spirits.

We also find that a little bit often makes the job much easier. How often you do this is up to you - we suggest a basic clean ever 3 - 4 weeks keeps you on top of things and makes the cleaning easier.

In future blogs we will cover some of the other grooming tasks you should cover from time to time.